Oil Painting Video InstructionVolume 21 - Oil Painting Ireland

Oil Painting Video Instruction

Learn to Oil Paint with Hall Groat II, Professor and Chairman, Art and Design Department, SUNYBroome Community College.

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Volume 21 - Oil Painting Ireland

In this two hour instructional DVD Professor Groat teaches us how to paint the landscape of Ireland.

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Landscape Painting Ireland Video Lessons, Ring of Kerry

Landscape Painting Ireland, Ring of Kerry

Join Professor Hall Groat II in his studio to learn how to paint a distant, atmospheric landscape scene based on his travels to Ring of Kerry in Ireland. Learn how to suggest the basic underlying structure of the landscape through a transparent, imprimatura undertone, and then gradually build up the foreground, middle ground and background shapes and colors.This instructional video is ideal for the beginning or advanced student who would like to learn about the tradition of painting a deep space landscape motif, and the concepts taught may be applied to all types of landscapes.

He paints the classic view on an 11″x14″ canvas in his studio through directly observing an 8″x10″ plein-air piece that was completed while looking across the lush landscape of Cork, Ireland. Included within the two-hour landscape painting video are visually striking shots of Hall’s traditional landscape painting techniques and views of his studio as he discusses his paintings at different stages.

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