Oil Painting Video InstructionVolume 21 - Oil Painting Ireland

Oil Painting Video Instruction

Learn to Oil Paint with Hall Groat II, Professor and Chairman, Art and Design Department, SUNYBroome Community College.

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Volume 21 - Oil Painting Ireland

In this two hour instructional DVD Professor Groat teaches us how to paint the landscape of Ireland.

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Learn to Paint Baseballs

Learn to Paint BaseballsLearn to oil paint an old leather baseball, three white eggs, along with an antique gold creamer and grapes set up in a composition on fabric. Professor Groat once once again divides each phase of his painting process up into the twelve fundamental stages outlined within his very first instructional video.

Within this video he explains how to begin sketching out the compositions with burnt umber within each of the three paintings, and then demonstrates how to¬†wipe the umber back off the canvases in order to indicate where the lights will exist. Students are also able to see images of the actual still life props–baseball, eggs, grapes–as he paints. At the bottom of this page are also images of both the props and finished paintings that students may download and print out for future reference.

Video Length: 1 hour and 55 minutes 

Volume 2 Video DVD Eggs, Baseball, Grapes


How to paint eggs Undertone

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