Oil Painting Video InstructionVolume 21 - Oil Painting Ireland

Oil Painting Video Instruction

Learn to Oil Paint with Hall Groat II, Professor and Chairman, Art and Design Department, SUNYBroome Community College.

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Volume 21 - Oil Painting Ireland

In this two hour instructional DVD Professor Groat teaches us how to paint the landscape of Ireland.

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Tomatoes, Peaches, Pepper Still life Painting Video

Tomatoes, Peaches, Pepper
Within this instructional DVD Professor Groat introduces various classical still life oil painting techniques that enable the beginning art student to achieve more refined realism within their work. Through exploring three different subjects, including a grouping of tomatoes, peaches and then a single yellow pepper with a sliver bowl, he teaches the beginning student how to properly observe light and shadow relationships, mix both warm and cool colors, and how to subtly apply the paint in a layered fashion in order to model model realistic fruit and vegetable forms.

With each piece he begins with a classical imprimatura Raw Umber undertone, and then works directly into it.
Video Length: 1 hour and 49 minutes 









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