Oil Painting Video InstructionVolume 21 - Oil Painting Ireland

Oil Painting Video Instruction

Learn to Oil Paint with Hall Groat II, Professor and Chairman, Art and Design Department, SUNYBroome Community College.

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Volume 21 - Oil Painting Ireland

In this two hour instructional DVD Professor Groat teaches us how to paint the landscape of Ireland.

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Video Demo Cherries still life

Join Professor Hall Groat II within his home studio located in upstate New York, just outside of Binghamton as he paints a lovely silver bowl of red cherries. He paints this luminous piece on an 8×10 in. panel that has already been prepared with a transparent warm ground. Learn through this informative demo how to begin the painting through a transparent imprimatura undertone using Burnt Umber, and then indicating where the lights are striking by wiping away the paint with a crumpled up paper towel back to the panel. See firsthand how he mixes the various shades of red and gray directly on his glass palette.

He begins this demonstration with a detailed description of how he arranges his limited palette, consisting of nine colors including Titanium White. Similar to all of Hall’s video lessons, there exists a solid¬†balance between various close up camera shots as he’s mixing the paint and then applying various brushstrokes to develop the piece. ¬†Hall even takes the time on several occasions to demonstrate how he uses a glass scraper to clean his glass palette and then reuse the warm gray to paint with.

cherries in a bowl painting video


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