Oil Painting Video InstructionVolume 21 - Oil Painting Ireland

Oil Painting Video Instruction

Learn to Oil Paint with Hall Groat II, Professor and Chairman, Art and Design Department, SUNYBroome Community College.

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Volume 21 - Oil Painting Ireland

In this two hour instructional DVD Professor Groat teaches us how to paint the landscape of Ireland.

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Waterfall Oil Painting DVD Lesson Video

Waterfall Painting Lesson

Join Professor Hall Groat in front of a warm fire to learn how to paint a classic Central New York waterfall with lush summer foliage and intricate rock ledges.  Similar to all of his instructional painting videos, he demonstrates to students his step-by-step creative process for painting this awesome waterfall landscape scene.

Begin with learning how to simplify the complex, massive rock formations into simple foreground and middle ground irregular shapes of warm and cool values.Next, learn how to use a metal palette knife to suggest the characteristic textures and cracks of the layered stone. Observe firsthand Professor Groat mixing up a variety of colors, including Indian red, Raw Umber, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow, etc., on the glass palette resting on his French easel.

Just like most all of his video tutorials, he describes in specific detail why he chooses certain color temperatures and what combinations of colors he uses to mix them.

Video Length: 1 hour and 27 minutes 

Paint Waterfall Video Techniques
waterfalls rocks lessonPainting Rocks Texture Techniques
Mixing paint waterfall landscape
artist demo video waterfall

waterfall painting demo video

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